Sunday, February 12, 2006

Day 3

We have a nor’easter today. It’s snowing hard, but it’s so windy that it’s almost impossible to tell how much snow has actually fallen. The parking lot behind the house is literally bare in spots, but the part where our walk enters the lot is slightly more than knee deep right now. Yes, I measured the hard way. It’s definitely over my knee, and snow got up under my jeans and into the top of my calf-high boots. I then transferred that snow, plus more, to the inside of my car. You see, we don’t have off-street parking, but we wanted to wait until the city declared a snow emergency before putting the car in the municipal garage, because that way we get the $3 per emergency rate as opposed to .75 per hour. After they finally said, OK, we want cars off the street, I went to clean off mine, and there was about 2.5 inches of snow stuck to the windward side, much of which fell into my car when I opened the driver’s door. The downwind side was completely clear. Also, my car had provided a windbreak to Lisa’s, parked directly behind mine, so, while I brushed several inches off the roof, she had only a dusting — until the stuff I cleared from mine blew onto hers. (Yes, I could have opened the passenger door, gotten out the scraper/brush thingie, brushed off the driver’s door, and avoided bringing in at least an inch of snow into the car. But I didn’t think of it, and if you would have, I don’t want to hear it.)

And, to add to the fun, the front storm door blew out of my hand when I went to get the paper, and I think it’s bent or broken a hinge, because I can’t get it to close properly any more. I am now attempting to prove the adage that anything that can’t be fixed by duct tape can be mended with twine.

So you can imagine how glad I am to be back inside and knitting! I’ve completed about 3 inches of the shadow pattern section, and it’s starting to show the vertical striping. It’s subtle, but definite, and I really like it. Canada is thumping Russia, 8 - 0 in the second period, in women’s hockey (and at least one Canadian player is a member of the Harvard women’s team), and I think I’ll settle in for a while.

One thing, though. A lot of sports provoke the reaction “that kinda looks like fun,” although in my case sanity very quickly prevails. But there are moments when I think that I might like to try downhill skiing, or cycling (OK, not cycling, not often), race car driving (quite often!), or curling, or pick up tennis or fencing again, mostly because I’ve seen someone doing it so well and effortlessly that I want some of that competence to rub off on me. Cross country skiing, though.... A sport where the drool of effort freezes to your face is not, I think, for me. e


At 10:32 AM, Blogger Dharma said...

I definitely miss the look of lovely snow like that, but not shoveling, not getting in my pants at every opening.

I am a complete non-athlete and I get some of these, Ohhh that looks like fun maybe I should try that...


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