Wednesday, February 15, 2006

Day 6

More curling today.... Cassie Johnson and her sister are quite beautiful, with lovely skin — but the Dane Denise Dupont has a great sense of style! I like her hair (heavy blond bangs, two wider pieces falling to frame her face, the rest drawn back in a ponytail), her great big star earrings, and positively punk eyeliner. Extraordinarily cool for the average athlete!

Unfortunately, despite the length of the average bonspeil, I still only have 13 inches of sweater-back complete. I’m aiming for another 2 inches tonight, and, between the Olympics and Mythbusters (a truly guilty pleasure!), I should be able to get at least close. I’m not all that excited about moguls (mostly because I don’t understand all the criteria), but luge and short track skating are neat to watch.

I was sorry to have missed some of the men’s short program in figure skating last night. I confess, I kept switching back and forth between the Olympics and Westminster, and the dogs won.... (And Rufus, the colored bull terrier who took Best in Show, had a fabulous head!) I’m most sorry to have missed Johnny Weir’s program, though I did see a quick shot of him leaving the arena. He was wearing what looking like a furry glittery scarf (further inspiration for the knitters among us), or perhaps a shaggy boa, and waggled his fingers at the camera as he passed. This is the man who, when asked about his hair the other morning, complained that he was having a princess moment....

It’s so amazing to me that this is possible. I remember the fuss that was made about Rudy Gallindo not that long ago, the trouble that he caused by being just a little less than perfectly straight-acting — and now we have Johnny Weir. Who stands in second place just now, so it clearly hasn’t hurt his athletic ability. I guess progress really does happen!


At 9:32 AM, Blogger Dharma said...

Yeah, I missed the men's skate completely. What a bummer. I saw a clip or two of Weir last night and thought, OMG, he's family. This just by body language. I remember the fuss about Rudy. It does seem we have made some progress.


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