Thursday, August 31, 2006

Surgery Update

It is now three weeks and two days after my surgery, and I feel fine. Really, seriously fine. I haven’t even (knock wood!) suffered any major hormonal disruptions. OK, I’ve had a couple of hot flashes, I think — which gives you a good idea of just how minor and manageable they are. I’m amazed.

I’m not sure exactly what made the difference. Some of it is surely that I lost less blood this time. (They weren’t expecting endometriosis during the first surgery, but were well prepared for it this time.) Some of it may be that the anesthesia was perceptibly different. I woke up pretty easily, and felt tired and sleepy, but not that awful queasy heavy-headedness that I’ve always had in the past. (I did have ferocious itching, which I’ve been told was from the morphine drip, except that I had the morphine without itching last time, but, all in all, I’d rather itch!) And I guess some of it must be that there were fewer organs to remove. Whatever the reasons, though, I’m grateful.

I mean, I got to enjoy the 2 weeks my mother spent here. We were able to go out to dinner, to sit around and talk, and to be adults together. She let me babble on about the writing projects (now 4 of them) that I have in my mind, and also took over the yucky stuff like cleaning the cats’ boxes — which may mean that I wasn’t all that adult after all! Nonetheless, it was really, really nice, and I do appreciate it.

And, as I said, I’m feeling good. I still get tired and a little sore if I stay upright too long, but as soon as I lie down, I feel fine. This makes it hard to stay lying down, but luckily the US Open is on, so I have more televised sports to keep me amused. (I swear I saw Maria Sharapova playing in a little black cocktail dress, so maybe I was tireder than I thought....)

While recovering, I have finished my five washrags and a little gray sleeveless shell. The latter has a neat armhole edge treatment, a single line of ribbing two stitches in from the edge, that seems to keep it from turning under: I’ll be using this on other sleeveless items, that’s for sure! Of course, I then sent in a KnitPicks order, which will become a dark blue heather shrug (Wool of the Andes sapphire heather — already cast on and well begun) and a medium teal-y blue vest (Wool of the Andes stream), so it’s not as though my hands are idle. And there’s a pair of socks in progress, too.

(No, the Olympic sweater isn’t finished. Thanks for asking.)

But I do feel good.


At 6:28 PM, Blogger Dharma said...

So glad your recovery went as well as it did.


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