Wednesday, February 22, 2006

Days 12-13

OK, I think we’re getting back to normal. Lisa has been checked out by her regular oncologist, who seems unworried by the whole episode, and has signed up for physical therapy again.

(The dialogue between her and the doctor apparently went something like this:

Lisa: I was standing on one foot, and I fell over and hit my head.

Doctor: Hm. Well. Don’t stand on one foot!

This is actually good, because if he had the slightest concern, he wouldn’t be making even a mild joke.)

Unfortunately, though I’ve been knitting away in the times not occupied by work, and we have moved into the medal rounds of the curling, the *#%& sweater-back is only 23.5 inches long. I have nine and a half inches to go. Maybe I should shorten it? Heck, a 24-inch sweater is nice and long - but I really did want a tunic.

And there are other projects waiting, becoming more seductive all the time: a sock, in a new self-striping colorway from Lang Yarns Jawoll cotton jacquard - it’s brown and grey with highlights of pink and blue. And it’s about half done, and will be finished a lot faster than this sweater. There’s a crocheted jacket in 4 shades of Reynolds’ Caviar, bought on sale at the local yarn shop, that just needs a couple more rounds on each sleeve to be totally done. (OK, plus weaving in the ends, which is daunting enough that I might rather stick to my sweater.) I’ve promised Lisa a gansey to replace the one the horses nibbled, felting the ribbing beyond the point of ripping and reknitting. (This is what comes of volunteering for equine rescue: the rescuees aren’t always well-mannered.) We bought the yarn for that on sale, too, and it’s lovely, Harrisville’s New England Shetland in a deep rust-orange . I have some forest-green lace-weight that I want to try in an ultra-simple lace pattern. Spectacular multi-colored Norwegian yarn called Eskimo (and Noway’s in the gold medal round for curling), plus pale blue baby alpaca, both for hats. Four more balls of sock yarn! A fingerless glove pattern and the hand-painted yarn to work it in! A new KnitPicks catalog....

Not to mention that I desperately need to re-do my website, and work on the new idea someone gave me at Boskone. (More on that after the Olympics.)

It’s a good thing there’s curling on tonight. It gives me discipline.


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